Varnish cache server support

I'm active user of ISPmanager, I use it for multiple servers since long time, It has been long time ago since ISPmanager clients asked for adding Varnish-Cache server support, this was up-voted, included in your plans and then approved. Now it's dropped from your plans for some reasons. Varnish-Cache server is necessary for many CMS like Magento (it's a must for Magento!), Drupal and others. If you can't add Varnish support now, please consider adding it to your plans, meanwhile please provide a description of how it can be installed & configured without breaking the functionality of ISPmanager.

Best regards,

14.06.2023 05:25

Yaroslav Zabagonskii

Hello Hatem!

Support for Varnish-Cache is still in our plans. Yes, we have temporarily removed information about it from the site. As we need more time to research this product. After that we will have a more concrete timeline to implement it.

07.07.2023 11:24